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About Us


Following the slogan friends food has come to the market with absolute food items of different taste. By producing enriched & potential goods depended on Agro based ingredient it accomplishes the enhancement of industrialization in one side and on the contrary to bring the utmost satisfaction of the customers & consumers with high quality processed foodstuff.

Friend Food has in the mean time entered into the market with their charmful new Products of standard quality agro based components of the country as the substitute of import items which may assumed to be the good & tasty food of different shapes of traditional system of production .

By maintaining the standard specifications of BSTI & other concerned authorities we are trying our level best to endeavor the quality for all the time in continuous process under clause head “ Good Food for Good Health ” .

In the light of the aforesaid context each & every delicious products of friends food may be the first choice of yourself & your family also.

About Us

From the begining , Agro based foods specialize manufacturer. Friends Food & Snacks Limited is one of the pioneer in Bangladesh as a Agriculture based dry Food Producer. Our raw material directly from the farmers and processes our factory into hygienically packed food.


Import substitute, Quality food product.


Our mission is to provide consumer satisfaction , Competitive cost , Quality assurance, Import substitute and continue to contribute to the growth of agro industrialization in Bangladesh.




    Friends Kheer Mix (Rice Pudding)

    Friends Haleem Mix

    Friends Falooda (Instant)

    Friends China grass (Milk Haluwa)

    Friends Kashmiri Haluwa

    Friends Egg Noodles

    Friends Egg Noodles (Poly)

    Friends Orange Jelly

    Friends Mango Jelly

    Friends Biryani Masala

    Friends Chatpati Masala

    Friends Tasting Salt

    Friends Tasting Salt (Mini)

    Friends Baking Powder

    Friends Custard Powder

    Friends Corn Flour

    Friends Paapor